De Tijdmeter

De Tijdmeter: your trusted watch repairer in the Urban Shopper. 

Jozef Admassu’s journey with De Tijdmeter started as their helper at the Saturday market in 1998. Since May 15, 2023 he’s progressed to become an accomplished watch repairer himself, and runs a professional work space in the Urban Shopper. But as far as Jozef is concerned this is not the end goal.

His ambition? 
To expand and become the familiar face for everyone with a watch. ‘People always say I’m too neat,’ Jozef says with a smile. Jozef’s work desk does indeed look perfectly organised. Everything tidied away. When he spills a little coffee, the wipes come out immediately. For Joseph, tranquillity and cleanliness are the conditions for him to be able to carry out his work, and passion, with great concentration.

From Saturday helper to owner

Joseph had a fascination with electronics early on. Fixing a broken radio did not fase him at all. In addition to his permanent job as an electrician, he started working extra time at De Tijdmeter on the Saturday market. His fascination with small scale technical work thus became his specialism. After seven years, Joseph received a phone call from his boss during whilst on holiday: ‘We are going to sell the store.’ Joseph seized the opportunity with both hands. “Don’t sell, I’m coming. I’ll take over matters for you.” Almost immediately Jozef arranged a stall at the Wednesday market. With two market days, and a clear goal in mind, he confidently quit his permanent job.

PassionWith great enthusiasm, the watch repairer talks about the function of the craft tools on his modest worktop. He also brings out a container filled with loose timepieces. “Sometimes customers give away their watch. They never wear it again or it can’t be repaired anymore. I then take it apart and sort out all the parts. I just enjoy doing that.” He continues his passion at home, where it’s quiet, because that’s where he feels most comfortable. “I’m always busy with jobs. Repairing or just taking apart devices. I think those hours have helped me a lot to achieve what I have now with De Tijdmeter.”

The Urban Shopper
In his store in the Urban Shopper, the watch repairer ensures that customers feel secure before leaving their valuable timepiece. “I do understand why visitors would rather not leave their watch in the market stall. They ask ‘but what if you’re not there next week?’. That question inspired me to look for a permanent place.” That permanent place became the Urban Shopper: “Here comes a completely different audience than on the market. I find that fun and interesting. I want to get to know these people and embrace new challenges that arise from this.”

Honest, transparent and friendly 

Joseph’s loyal clientele has been built up by word of mouth. People want transparency, direct contact and fair prices. “My workplace is visible. Often I can immediately show the customer what the problem is. Sometimes the problem is a battery that has been wrongly placed, while the customer thinks the timepiece is broken. It can be that simple.” Prices at his store are lower than at the average jewellery store. This is partly because a repair is often outsourced there (for example to Joseph), whereas he does everything himself. A real craftsman.

Dare to dream
Jozef talks enthusiastically about the mechanical workings of a watch. “I love seeing how such a product is made. I want to know exactly how it works.” ‘This is my passion and I will hopefully continue to do this for the rest of my life,’ he says with a smile. “When there comes a time that I’m too old to be on the market. I hope I can continue to work at my table, in my store.” Joseph is not done with dreams yet. “In the future, I want to expand the store in the Urban Shopper. In addition, I would like to be the familiar face in the environment. But first the focus on what is now.”

Are you looking for a reliable, honest watch repairer with a warm heart? Then be sure to visit Jozef in the Urban Shopper.

Telephone: +316-22482974