Danswinkel Danswinkel DANSWinkel Eindhoven is a versatile dance store with dance clothing, dance shoes, pointe shoes and much more! Dancers from Eindhoven and the surrounding area can find all their dance products here an make an appointment to fit point shoes. We have a large basic collection of dancewear, dance shoes and accessories for every age. Are you looking for something specific? Then take a look at our webshop. In the store we are ready to give professional advice. See you soon at DANSWinkel Eindhoven! Telefoon: 06-53560021 E-mail: Website:

Softie baby musthaves

SOFTIE baby musthaves Softie baby Musthaves distinguishes itself with handmade, unique and sustainable baby must-haves and maternity gifts. All our baby items are made with love and attention. There is a wide range for the little ones. From exclusively designed crocheted baby must-haves such as rattles, music boxes and pram chains, baby clothes handmade in small workshops in the Netherlands, pram bags and stationary. Everything is made in a sustainable and small-scale way. Because it is handmade, many items can be made for you in a different color! You will find the most unique baby items, maternity gifts and baby toys at Softie. Something that makes every baby and (future) mom happy! Come by and experience Softie baby Musthaves! Telefoonnummer: 06-83545136 E-mail: Website:

Blue Story

Blue Story Tableware and other cooking utensils such as baking and baking dishes from the Boleslawiec region (Poland) are world famous. Recognizable by the traditional colour schemes and patterns. In demand for its high quality.  The fresh designs on a set table put a happy smile on everyone's face! Telephone: 06 2731 6025 E-mail: Website:

De Tijdmeter

De Tijdmeter De Tijdmeter: your trusted watch repairer in the Urban Shopper.  Jozef Admassu’s journey with De Tijdmeter started as their helper at the Saturday market in 1998. Since May 15, 2023 he’s progressed to become an accomplished watch repairer himself, and runs a professional work space in the Urban Shopper. But as far as Jozef is concerned this is not the end goal. His ambition?  To expand and become the familiar face for everyone with a watch. 'People always say I'm too neat,' Jozef says with a smile. Jozef's work desk does indeed look perfectly organised. Everything tidied away. When he spills a little coffee, the wipes come out immediately. For Joseph, tranquillity and cleanliness are the conditions for him to be able to carry out his work, and passion, with great concentration. From Saturday helper to owner Joseph had a fascination with electronics early on. Fixing a broken radio did not fase him at all. In addition to his permanent job as an electrician, he started working extra time at De Tijdmeter on the Saturday market. His fascination with small scale technical work thus became his specialism. After seven years, Joseph received a phone call from his boss during whilst on holiday: 'We are going to sell the store.' Joseph seized the opportunity with both hands. “Don't sell, I'm coming. I'll take over matters for you.” Almost immediately Jozef arranged a stall at the Wednesday market. With two market days, and a clear goal in mind, he confidently [...]


Outfit-S is THE address for comfortable and soft trousers for women, men and kids. These are mainly jogging jeans from the Italian brand Carrera. These jogging jeans have the look of jeans but the wearing comfort of jogging fabric. The fabric is soft and elastic and gives plenty of freedom of movement. Influenced a little, children no longer want to wear other trousers than jogging jeans. In addition to jogging jeans, you can also come to us for jackets, shirts, and sweaters. always has a large collection in stock with many different models and distinctive colours. For adults, prices start from € 59.95 to € 89.95 The prices of the new collection of children's jogging jeans are almost always 49.95. However there are nice promotions and offers all year round. Nowadays, a physical shop can no longer do without a web shop. We are also growing strong online with our webshop Fast delivery and no shipping costs above € 70.00. has also been co-sponsor of the PSV football women's team since the 2015-2016 season. They attend home and away matches in clothes from our shop. Telefoon: 06-52091650 E-mail: Website:


Re-Creare Utilising sections of silk form antique Japanese kimonos, unique garments and home accessories, such as cushions and lampshades can be made to measure and to your linking. Of course you can also buy the original kimonos, in long or short shapes, in addition to Japanese dolls, porcelain, pottery and handmade greetings cards. Telephone: 06-22187731 E-mail: Website:


Scenery Scenery offers colourful and exotic looking fashion and home accessories directly inspired by African art and artists that were also inspired by tribal art such as Picasso and Keith Haring. Beth Oladipo is originally from the UK and has been living with her family in the Netherlands for 13 years. First in Amsterdam and later in Eindhoven. Beth is married to a Nigerian man, which may explain her passion for African design. Beth herself worked as a concept designer for fabric producer, Vlisco in Helmond, again a strong link with Africa. Beth has had a successful online shop for years, selling colourful and exotic fashion, home accessories, and clothing. In the beginning she sold via London boutiques as well as online. After two years she took a break and started working for Vlisco, where her husband also works as a designer. Having recently restarted the website , the old clientele quickly became fans again, and so sales are going well. "I have always had very bold, distinctive taste. Maybe that's because of my artistic parents and my childhood in Birmingham where there's a melting pot of different cultures. Beth had lots of contact with Jamaican kids, and from a young age was influenced by black culture. Her father even had a nightclub for Jamaican Ska music, and her mother made theatre props and costumes. Beth also went to art school in London, and studied Illustration. Beth sells fashion and interior accessories made by artisans in Africa or with a [...]


Timeless Interieur & Decoratie Timeless is a colourful, attractive shop with lighting and home accessories from all over the world. Here it is wonderful to browse between the many lamps, home accessories, jewellery and the best gifts for young and old, but especially for yourself! Timeless specializes in exclusive lighting, here you will find oriental filigree and colourful mosaic lamps, timeless art deco lamps in all sizes and shapes in Gispen style, old chandeliers and vintage lamps. Our home accessories range from Arabic trays, glass bead curtains from India, beautiful glasses from Portugal, hand embroidered cushions, mood lights, vintage finds, tin toys, bohemian clothing and jewellery.   Come and have a look at our store or webshop!   Telephone: 06-14151357 / 040-2449707 E-mail: Website:


CUT. Capture Unforgettable Times. CUT. is the concept store for visual storytellers. Here, you'll find a diverse range of film and photography essentials, from bags to filters, and from lenses to unique gift items. Whether you're just starting out as a (hobby) photographer, an experienced filmmaker, or simply an enthusiast of these art forms, we have something for everyone! Personal advice and the sharing of experiences related to this shared passion are crucial to us. Additionally, we conduct continuous research to offer the most sustainable assortment possible, featuring brands that respect our planet. EDUCATION. With a background in education and a passion for sharing our craft, we believe in the importance of incorporating education at CUT. In addition to a wide range of educational books and games related to film, photography, and creativity, you can also take workshops and courses with us. SHOOTS. Alongside our diverse product range, we also offer services. Whether you're in need of a photographer, a video production, or want to create a complete campaign, we visualise your unique story. Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee to discuss your wishes and the possibilities. Phone: +316 88813000 E-mail: Website:

De Zitfabriek

De Zitfabriek As the name of the store suggests, we have a passion for seating furniture. Over the past decade, our attention has broadened so much that we have now significantly expanded the collection in the store with tables, lighting, side and coffee tables, and home accessories. We closely monitor trends and adapt our changing collection accordingly. As the name suggests, we like simplicity – straight forward. For questions and orders, you can send an email to You will usually receive a message from us within 24 hours. We can of course also be reached by telephone during opening hours. Would you like to see our collection and options? That is certainly possible in our store! Take a quick look at our opening hours. You will find our opening hours below. We'd love to see you appear; The coffee is ready! Telephone: 06-42864630 E-mail: Website: