Brokaatje A few years ago, I accidentally came across a flea market and was immediately hooked. Once you have the addiction there's no stopping it! So it went that sometimes too much came home, and I had to make space. When my parents garage was full, the idea came about to start a shop. I have always worked in retail since I was seventeen and the dream of having my own shop has always been there, but it took shape slowly. And now it is here... my own shop full of my flea market finds and my second great love, vintage clothing. Vintage is clothing (and stuff) from the 1920s to the 1980s. I mainly sell clothing from the 60s and 70s. My flea market finds 'brocante' is between 50 and 100 years old, and mostly comes from France, England, Belgium, Scandinavia but also just the Netherlands. It is nice to dress your house with 'brocante' items, because it immediately gives atmosphere. Literally translated from French, 'brocante' means flea market finds, bric a brac, second hand. It may have a worn appearance, it's visible that it's had a life before. So I actually sell nostalgia! And whether you buy vintage or 'brocante' you at least contribute towards a better environment through reuse, so definitely come and have a snuffle. Telephone: 06-51938389 E-mail: Website:

Oops... Slider with alias jogg jeans not found. is THE address for comfortable and soft trousers for women, men and kids. These are mainly jogging jeans from the Italian brand Carrera. These jogging jeans have the look of jeans but the wearing comfort of jogging fabric. The fabric is soft and elastic and gives plenty of freedom of movement. Influenced a little, children no longer want to wear other trousers than jogging jeans. In addition to jogging jeans, you can also come to us for jackets, shirts, and sweaters. always has a large collection in stock with many different models and distinctive colours. For adults, prices start from € 59.95 to € 89.95 The prices of the new collection of children's jogging jeans are almost always 49.95. However there are nice promotions and offers all year round. Nowadays, a physical shop can no longer do without a web shop. We are also growing strong online with our webshop Fast delivery and no shipping costs above € 70.00. has also been co-sponsor of the PSV football women's team since the 2015-2016 season. They attend home and away matches in clothes from our shop. Telefoon: 06-52091650 E-mail: Website:


Re-Creare Utilising sections of silk form antique Japanese kimonos, unique garments and home accessories, such as cushions and lampshades can be made to measure and to your linking. Of course you can also buy the original kimonos, in long or short shapes, in addition to Japanese dolls, porcelain, pottery and handmade greetings cards. Telephone: 06-22187731 E-mail: Website:

Siki Kinderwinkel

Siki Kinderwinkel Siki is  characterised as an "urban shop" with clothing for kids from 0-16 yrs. At Siki you will find a mix of good quality labels, with the aim that clothing should be comfortable and wearable. From now on, Siki also stocks quite a few brands that focus on youth from 12yrs-16yrs. A target group that often falls between two age categories. At Siki you will find an innovative urban style of beautiful, surprising (new) small labels from Dutch and Scandinavian soil. If you want something different, it is definitely worth a visit! Telephone: 0633010567 E-mail: Website:


Scenery Scenery offers colourful and exotic looking fashion and home accessories directly inspired by African art and artists that were also inspired by tribal art such as Picasso and Keith Haring. Beth Oladipo is originally from the UK and has been living with her family in the Netherlands for 13 years. First in Amsterdam and later in Eindhoven. Beth is married to a Nigerian man, which may explain her passion for African design. Beth herself worked as a concept designer for fabric producer, Vlisco in Helmond, again a strong link with Africa. Beth has had a successful online shop for years, selling colourful and exotic fashion, home accessories, and clothing. In the beginning she sold via London boutiques as well as online. After two years she took a break and started working for Vlisco, where her husband also works as a designer. Having recently restarted the website , the old clientele quickly became fans again, and so sales are going well. "I have always had very bold, distinctive taste. Maybe that's because of my artistic parents and my childhood in Birmingham where there's a melting pot of different cultures. Beth had lots of contact with Jamaican kids, and from a young age was influenced by black culture. Her father even had a nightclub for Jamaican Ska music, and her mother made theatre props and costumes. Beth also went to art school in London, and studied Illustration. Beth sells fashion and interior accessories made by artisans in Africa or with a [...]

Throwback Classics

Throwback Classics Throwback Classics We are two brothers who share the same passion; clothing and entrepreneurship. Vintage and second hand clothing is a perfect match for this time. It is sustainable, you give the clothing a second life and it is completely hip again. We sometimes encountered the problem of finding great vintage & second hand clothing, both in our city Eindhoven and online. That is why we thought it's time to do  something about it. Our mission is therefore to offer good quality vintage and second hand clothing for the right price. We have an affordable and unique piece for everyone. With us you will find a wide range of different streetwear brands such as: Adidas, Nike, Champion, Fila etc... but also the branded vintage such as: Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Moschino, Moncler etc... We offer both men's and women's clothing. Everything is carefully selected and we curate all the clothing with much love. All quality checked. So you can always contact Throwback Classics for your unique vintage piece. Bye! Milan & Borek Cichy Team Throwback  Telephone: 0681916915 E-mail: Website: