Scenery offers colourful and exotic looking fashion and home accessories directly inspired by African art and artists that were also inspired by tribal art such as Picasso and Keith Haring. Beth Oladipo is originally from the UK and has been living with her family in the Netherlands for 13 years. First in Amsterdam and later in Eindhoven. Beth is married to a Nigerian man, which may explain her passion for African design. Beth herself worked as a concept designer for fabric producer, Vlisco in Helmond, again a strong link with Africa.

Beth has had a successful online shop for years, selling colourful and exotic fashion, home accessories, and clothing. In the beginning she sold via London boutiques as well as online. After two years she took a break and started working for Vlisco, where her husband also works as a designer. Having recently restarted the website , the old clientele quickly became fans again, and so sales are going well.

“I have always had very bold, distinctive taste. Maybe that’s because of my artistic parents and my childhood in Birmingham where there’s a melting pot of different cultures. Beth had lots of contact with Jamaican kids, and from a young age was influenced by black culture. Her father even had a nightclub for Jamaican Ska music, and her mother made theatre props and costumes. Beth also went to art school in London, and studied Illustration.

Beth sells fashion and interior accessories made by artisans in Africa or with a strong link to Africa. Always with a special story behind it. She also makes new things from vintage fabrics from the 80s with colourful tribal prints, such as scrunchies and collars. “I make accessories in small quantities, often from ‘new old stock fabrics’. Then people can be sure they are buying something unique” Beth says about the handmade products.

“I focus on art and design lovers, both teenagers and adults. Sometimes people who have, or have had some connection with Africa and who have fallen in love with the continent” Beth talks of her customers.

Telefoon: 06 – 46 16 05 24